Mongolian survey 통권 06호 (16.01.10)

몽골연구소에서는 몽골지역학의 저변 확대를 위해
다양한 형태의 간행물을 발간하고 있습니다.

Mongolian Survey

몽골과 관련한 다양한 콘텐츠를 다루는 몽골지역 종합 매거진
Mongolian survey 통권 06호 (16.01.10)
2016.01.10 03:00




Lee Seong-Gyu(Director of Institute for Mongolian Studies)


- Comparative study of the nomenclatures of essence, tree, and plain medicines written in “Tibetan and Chinese nomenclatures

  of medicines” by the Mongolian scholar Gun Gombojav: S.Seesregdorj, P.Molor-Erdene, S.Avirvmid

- Interpretation of “Epitaph of Yelv, Son-in-law of Liao Southern Zaixiang Xiao Deshun”: Shao Guotian

- Study of the Relationship between the Mongolian Word “Orda” and the English Word “Horde”: Hongge, Jiruhe, Surigalatu

- Aduunii tuhait onisogod hiisen ajiglalt: Ю.Мөнх-Амгалан, Б.Оюунцэцэг

- Research on “Yatag” of VI-VII Turkic musical instrument: Ch.Baasankhuu

- Mythological symbolism in the Mongolian rock art: Lee Sun-A

- Prosecutor status in jurisdiction of Mongolia: Solongo Amarjargal

- Variations to the types and names of the herbal root medicines written about in the Wonderful Illumination to the Understanding

  of Knowledge-mdzes mtshar mirgyan: Focusing on the Mongolian and Chinese Versions: Cha Ga-Ram

- Contemplation the progress of the international tourism industry in Mongolia: Choi Min-Ju

- Mongolian historiography of the XX century: Urangua Khereid J.

Field study report, summer of 2015 

- intro: Han Ju-Young, ,Choi Min-Ju

- gachuurt urgamal suvilal healing center of Mongolia 

  healing center of Mongolia National College of Medicine: Choi Min-Ju

- Mongolia traditional medicine of Tongliao: Cha Ga-Ram

- The International Congress for young scholar: Kim Hee-Kyoung

- Mongolian Company: CH.OYUNGEREL

- German Company: Na Won-Oh